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WCUI School of Nursing is owned and operated by a team of administrators, faculty, and staff equipped with years of experience in healthcare, and many are well-known in the healthcare community. Our family of nurses, technologists, and medical professionals pursue the greatest possible impact on the best patient care, and that begins with educating the next generation of nurses. Our programs were created and are continuously adapted to provide the knowledge and skills you need to meet the growing demand for nurses in the field. WCUI will help you meet your career challenges head-on, because we’ve been there and because you are the future of healthcare.


West Coast Ultrasound Institute’s mission is to provide our students with a solid foundation in their field of study. We are dedicated to giving these students a well‐balanced curriculum, which includes classroom instruction, laboratory training, and supervised clinical experience. Students are taught in a supportive educational environment by a highly qualified staff of professionals. We aim to produce superior graduates with the knowledge and confidence necessary to succeed both professionally and financially. Our goal is to make West Coast Ultrasound Institute (“WCUI”) the preferred source of education in the community for each of our specified fields of study.


To provide quality nursing education for students of all backgrounds, and to fill the growing job market with passionate, knowledgeable, and skilled nurses.


  • Our interactive and engaging teaching style, simulation labs and on-site clinical experience
  • On-site tutorials provided for our students, including NCLEX preparation
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid available to those who qualify
  • Flexible class schedules to fit any lifestyle
  • Build your professional community – WCUI connects you with a growing family of alumni and affiliates making a difference in the field
  • Real educators, engaged learning, and real value

Dr. Hany Nashed FMD, MSc, BSN, PHN

Director of Nursing

Dr. Hany Nashed graduated with an MD degree from the Cairo University and practiced as a pulmonologist for more than 25 years. He immigrated to the US in 2001 and obtained his BSN from Azusa Pacific University before joining WCUI in 2010 as the Director of General Education and nursing instructor. Dr. Hany grew quickly alongside WCUI’s School of Nursing and became the Assistant Director of Nursing in Ontario in December 2012 and Director of Nursing in Ontario and Beverly Hills in April of 2016 while the school’s population more than doubled at each campus.

“The current California NCLEX pass rate at our Los Angeles campus is 86.67% and our Ontario campus's pass rate is 89.47% ! All the success of WCUI and the WCUI School of Nursing must be attributed to the guidance of Myra Chason and the encouragement and help of Andrew High.”

Catherine Jagos, MSN-Ed, BSN, RN

Director of Practical Nursing

Catherine Jagos brings over 40 years of nursing experience to WCUI. From 32 years as a full-time emergency nurse while gaining her BSN in Nursing, to teaching a wide variety of nursing courses at Delta College, to then moving to Arizona to gain her Masters in Nursing Education with an emphasis in Simulation, Catherine has a multitude of educational and real-life experience to share with our students and faculty.

“I believe that nursing, in all aspects, is a journey of learning that continues throughout our professional lives. It promotes our overall care of patients, our compassion and allows us to move forward and be the patient advocates we are meant to be.“

Lee Londette Dua aka "Mr. Lee" RN, BSN, JD

Theory Instructor and Student Success Coordinator

Lee Londette Dua started his nursing career soon after graduation in January 2005 as an ICU nurse. Mr. Lee continued his nursing career as an ICU nurse for five years and joined WCUI in 2009 as theory instructor and a student success coordinator. He is also an avid runner and has completed 18 half-marathons!

“I have seen how important excellent nursing care contributes to patients and their recoveries. This motivated me to become a teacher to future nurses. I believe that with persistent hard work; anything is possible. That is what WCUI Nursing program is all about. WCUI's Nursing program helps build future nurses with excellent nursing care.”

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